Take your eBay sales to the next level

HammerTap puts you on the road to boost your sales and maximize your profits, making you a more powerful seller – every auction, every time! HammerTap gives you:

  • The power of sound decision making instead of guesswork,
  • The security of knowing what the market wants and doesn't want,
  • The foresight to take advantage of market trends.
  • The Power to Profit!
Create a bidding frenzy

Finally you will know, in advance, which products eBay buyers want and how much they’re willing to pay. You’ll find out exactly how to sell more listings at a higher price. That’s the Power to Profit.

I can directly correlate the progress in my business to HammerTap. My gross revenue is up over 40%..."

-Tim Reynolds
Gold PowerSeller
Hook higher paying buyers

Ten strategies HammerTap software reveals to help you hook higher-paying buyers for your listings:

  • Best auction type
  • Effective listing features
  • Optimal ending day
  • Busiest hour of the day
  • Best listing duration
  • Most competitive category
  • Winning titles
  • Enticing starting prices
  • Seasonal trending
  • Successful keywords

Bonus: PowerSeller’s Secret Weapon: 10-Part Course
Bonus: Auctionography: Weekly Selling Tips from Industry Experts

"I literally went from making nothing to a business that is pulling in $10,000 a month thanks to HammerTap" market research.

-Leslie Holloway
Gold PowerSeller
Grab more attention

If you want to sell, you have to be in the right place at the right time with the right offer. HammerTap education, software, and support shows you how to position your listings in the spotlight, where buyers can’t miss—or resist—them.

"I just achieved PowerSeller status, thanks to HammerTap. I am doing the same amount of business with a fraction of the number of listings that I had prior to using HammerTap. My eBay costs are now less than half of what they were before."

-Bryan Mills
Save money on unnessary extras

On eBay, every penny counts. That’s why you need HammerTap to tell you which listing fees are worth the investment for your product, and which fees are money down the drain.

“The HammerTap product is perfect for the seller who’s running their business on eBay. I highly recommend it. This is money you can’t afford not to spend. You’ve got to check this out!”

-Griff: Dean of eBay Education, host of eBay Radio, and author of the Official eBay Bible.

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  • Why do you require my credit card information to sign up a free trial? We ask for your credit card information to smooth the transition to the monthly subscription if you decide to use HammerTap past the free trial period.You will be notified before your trial expires, and you can cancel any time before the expiration date free of charge. We will not charge your card without notifying you.

  • Is my order secure? Yes! We use the latest encryption and security methodologies to ensure your security.
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  • Will I get spammed if I give you my email address? No! We will never share your email or other contact information with anyone without your express consent. Privacy Policy

  • What eBay research data does Hammertap include? Hammertap includes closed auction listings for all eBay US categories with the exception of eBay Motors and Motors Parts & Accessories and eBay Real Estate.

  • Am I under any obligation if I sign up for this free trial? No! You can cancel at any time before your trial period expires, at no cost.

    If you wish to cancel at any time, simply email us at support@esilverbullet.com.

    Once your free trial is expired your credit card will be billed on a monthly basis for as long as your account is active.

  • Is HammerTap Mac compatible? HammerTap is a PC based program and is not supported by other operating systems. However, if you have a PC operating system on your Mac through the Parallels of VMware Fusion programs, you will be able to run HammerTap. There is also a web-based, more simplified version of the program you can use regardless of the operating system. Instructions for accessing this web version will be found in the confirmation email you receive after signing up.
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